The Embrace Movement studio is a hub for adults to have a fun, supportive and safe place to learn & achieve their movement based goals such as getting more flexible, getting stronger in bodyweight moments or learning to handstand.


  • Improve flexibility

    Unlock your body’s movement potential with classes that develop strength and flexibility and help you achieve goals you didn’t think were possible as an adult.

  • 1-1 Coaching

    A  specific and personal approach to your flexibility and handstand training. Work closely with me to work towards your goals.

  • Begin your journey to the handstand

    Fun , engaging and challenging classes that help build the foundation you need for a strong and stable handstand

  • Achieve your goals

    Consistent hard work and commitment made easier with challenges, community support and events

  • Challenge yourself

    Prove to yourself that you as so much more capable than you ever thought you could be. Classes are suitable for any age and any level . Everyone is welcome.

  • Learn new things

    Not only new skills, but new knowledge to take with you on your training journey. Learn not only what works, but why it works too.

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